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Throughout history, architecture has developed as both a means of shelter and as a statement of our capabilities. It is composed of planning, design, construction, and function. Also present are elements that cater to the senses, such as materials and textures, colors, light, and shadow. To be effective, all of these elements must come together in a way that is functional.

Architectural signage makes structural spaces more usable to people. It must compliment the design intent of the architectural building and grounds while communicating information to users in a clear and precise manner. It is also essential for signage to evolve with the needs of its users as we progress into the future.

With over 20 years of experience in the architectural signage industry, Avalon Sign Solutions provides clients with expertise in design, wayfinding, engineering, craftsmanship, and service. We work closely with our clients, establishing partnerships in order to meet a mutual goal of quality architectural signage and wayfinding systems.

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Satisfied Customers

  • “Avalon did a superb job on the extensive signage at the Dali Museum, working patiently with the Director, the curators and the architects to accomplish a sensitive, demanding and complex project on a tight schedule and exceedingly well. Their work is sophisticated, well executed, and they listen to their clients in order to get the “feel” of a project perfect.” YANN WEYMOUTH  AIA, LEED® AP Senior Vice President  |  Design Principal | 
  • "Avalon Sign’s provided the experience and flexibility to provide multiple options and creative solutions to our unique signage needs.  Their ability to meet and exceed all scheduled installation dates and the foresight to correct potential issues before fabrication was invaluable.  We look forward to working with Avalon Signs and their qualified staff in the future."   Jake Emerson, LEED AP Senior Project Engineer | Beck- Beck -
  • "Avalon produced almost every sign in our new museum, from the outside lighted logo that greets our guests, to the gallery room donor signs, garden signs and educational panels. This was all done during a very stressful and busy time leading up to and just after opening the new museum, with all the last minute changes that characterize any major project.  Avalon, and in particular Matthew Cicco, were great to work with and we are very pleased with the work that was done." Kathy White Deputy Director | Dalí Museum- Dali Museum -
  • "The ability of Avalon Sign Solutions, Inc to understand and deal with the many last minute changes in design and still provide the quality product within the limited time is a testament to a knowledgeable and well managed business. We again thank you for all of your efforts on the project and look forward to working with Avalon Signs, Inc. again on future projects." Dale Mize Project Executive | Beck- Beck -
  • "It has been a pleasure working with Avalon Sign Solutions, Inc on this and on past projects. They have proven to be a valued business partner and I personally recommend them for future work." KURTIS WRIGHT Project Manager | Balfour Beatty Construction- Balfour Beatty Construction -
  • "Matt Cicco has been a great help to me developing effective and creative signage programs for my company He has worked closely with me to insure my design stays true through the fabrication and installation phases. Matt has offered enthusiastic and frequent suggestions for more efficient production and cost savings methods that in-turn benefit the projects and our mutual clients. I am extremely grateful to work with Matt and I plan to continue working with him in the future." DANIEL MEEKER Associate  |  HOK- HOK -
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